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Co widział pies i inne przygody.

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Zarządzanie jutra.
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Inspired by Nature

Bartosz Boćko, chairman of the board of Toorank Polska SA,the Polish subsidiary of a Dutch producer and distributor of premium spirits, talks to The Warsaw Voice.

Is the undertaking of activities with competing entities a necessity or a conscious choice?
So-called coopetition is a conscious choice, a structural model in which, if using the definition by G.B. Dagnino, cooperation and competition merge to formulate a new perspective. We choose a partner who complements our resources. So selected, a partner provides us with new development opportunities.

What opportunities may be created by the competitor with whom you decide to cooperate?
Selective choice of partners enables Toorank to take a decisive position on a mature market with concurrent, optimum involvement of financial resources. Products delivered by the partners have ranked very high in the ranking developed by the International Wine Spirit Register (IWSR). The brands discussed here, according to data provided by the IWSR (London 2009), come second in Poland in the brandy group, sixth in the rum group and fourth in the tequila group. The 2009-implemented Dominating Areas of Thinking (DOM) sales strategy program has resulted in a 7% y/y revenues increase in the difficult year of 2010.

At the moment, we are working on the marketing of spirits manufactured at the Benedictine Monastery in Lubin. Thanks to this team-up, the position of the Benedyktynka product will be reinforced on the market and Toorank will in addition achieve distribution scale effects and new contractors.

What is the More Than Spirits project about?
We are inspired by nature. Observing the system of vascular bundles in a leaf (nervation), one can notice certain solutions. During 2011-2012 we intend to develop a strong system of nationwide distribution. The system of bundles in a leaf, the job of which is to provide its tissues with water and to remove assimilates as well as to stiffen the lamina is structured in a way in which loss (cutting) of a part of the bundles usually results in necrosis of only an insignificant part of the leaf, while the remaining part functions flawlessly. A new distribution system inspired by nature (biomimicry) will ensure improvement of products distribution, reinforcement of the company’s and its partners’ position on the market, continuation of the DOM program implementation and, I hope, further development during that period.



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